Fun & Rides




Adrenaline Rush

This is the most exciting obstacle course in Australia! The challenges just keep coming as participants move through a series of obstacles, climb over large rock walls and wind their way through tunnels before heading down the slide at the finish. Players start and finish at the front, so complete supervision is guaranteed. (Suitable for ages 4+, minimum height 90cm)

Giant Super Slide

If you love mammoth rides, then you’ll love the Giant Super Slide! This safe but thrilling ride is ideal for both children and teenagers. (Suitable for ages 3 to adult)


High flying fun for the family! This combines the fun of a swing and a carousel in one package. Safety belted seats ensure a safe, fun ride. (Suitable for 3 to 14 years)

Cup & Saucer

The colourful cups spin as the whole ride turns. Each cup seats up to 4 children or 1 adult and 2 children. Parents can ride free with children. The Cup & Saucer can be enjoyed by the whole family! (Suitable for ages 3+, adult max weight 80kg)


Hold on tight! This exciting ride has two carriages seating 12 riders each which spin on their own axis at 8rpm while the whole ride spins at a 30 degree angle at 12rpm! (Suitable for ages 8+)

Cha Cha

Prepare to spin out with the dizzying thrills of this super popular ride! The Cha Cha is a favourite for kids young and old. (Suitable for ages 8+, minimum height 120cm)

Water Balls

A new addition to this year’s carnival the Water Balls are bound to be a hit! Walk, run, roll or float on water inside a plastic bubble. Hilarious fun, offering a unique and thrilling experience which adults and kids both love! (Suitable for ages 5+, weight restrictions min 15kg – max 80kg)

Animal Farm

Come and visit are menagerie of farm animals including calf, goat kids, lamb, piglet, rabbits, guinea pigs, hens, ducks, turkey, goose, pet rats, and maybe even a tortoise! (Suitable for everyone)

Sea World Jumping Castle

More than your average jumping castle! Climb the wave, have a slide and bounce yourself silly! (Suitable for ages 3 to 6)


Dunking Machine

It’s back by popular demand! The Dunking Machine is a large tank of water with a seat suspended above it. When you throw a ball and hit the target, the seat dunks the person sitting on it into the water. Start thinking about who you’d like to nominate to be dunked this year! (Game is suitable for all, but restrictions on who can be dunked)

High Striker

Test your strength with the super cool High Striker! Tougher than it looks, the aim of the High Striker is to hit the base of the tower as hard as you can to rise the metal puck up to the top and hit the bell. (Suitable for everyone).

Choc Toss

Everyone loves chocolate and the Choc Toss game will drive you crazy trying to win it! Toss a $1 coin and if it lands on a block of chocolate – it’s yours! (maximum 3 throws per turn) Test your skills and see how many blocks of chocolate you can win this year! (Suitable for everyone)

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