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Cha Cha

cha cha Enjoy the dizzying thrill on one of the most popular carnival rides. The Cha Cha is an old favourite for adults and an exciting experience for the kids.  This is great fun for everyone.  (Suitable ages 8+, minimum height 120cms) 

Adrenalin Rush

Adrenaline Rush

This is the most exciting obstacle course in Australia.  The challenges just keep coming as participants proceed through a series of obstacles, climb over large rock walls and wind their way through tunnels before heading down the slide at the finish. Players start and finish at the front so complete supervision is guaranteed.  Check out the fun here(Suitable age 6+, minimum height 120 cm.)


Rip Tide

Riptide Awesome new thrill ride that will keep the kids going all day long.  The Riptide moves from side to side in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction building up momentum until it reaches the top.  (Suitable age 6+, minimum height 120cm)

Cup and Saucer Ride

Cup and Saucer

The colourful cups spin as the whole ride turns.  Each cup seats up to 4 children or 1 adult and 2 children.  Parents can ride free with children.  The cup and saucer can be enjoyed by the whole family. (Suitable age 3+, adult max weight 80kgs)


Giant Super slide

Giant Super Slide

If you love mammoth rides, you'll love the super slide.  This safe but thrilling ride is ideal for both children and teenagers. (Suitable age 3 - Adult)




High flying fun for the family.  This combines the fun of a swing and a carousel in one package. Safety belted seats ensure a safe, fun ride. (Suitable 3 - 14 years).


Jumping Castle

Jumping Castle Just for the little ones.  (Suitable age 3 - 6)                                  

Haunted House

Haunted House

Brave souls can journey into the darkness as they come face to face with creepy creatures and the ghosts lurking around every twist.  Not for the faint hearted.  (Suitable ages 6+ and younger if accompanied by a parent).


Animal Farm

Animal Farm3

Lambs, kid goats, lots of bunnies both small and large, lots of different guinea pigs to feed and hold too, fancy chickens, chicks, friendly geese, piglets, a cat, ducks and a border collie working dog are GUARANTEED to come along!  (Suitable for everyone).


Sideshow Alley


It’s back again in 2014 – the Dunking Machine!!!  And this time we want you to tell us who should get dunked.  Maybe it’s a football coach who made you do 50 sit-ups in the rain?  A netball coach who puts you in defence even though you hate it?  A teacher who always keeps you back after school?  It could be anyone.

To nominate someone for the Dunking Machine, simply go to and double click anywhere on the screen to type a name to nominate - easy peasy!!  Nominations close Friday 24th October.


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